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Wave® Custom Scleral Lens Technology

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No 2 fingerprints are alike, and someone’s eyes, particularly the cornea, aren’t any different. Like such a fingerprint, a cornea does have its unique form and texture. As a result, it’s just natural for a contact lens to represent the cornea.

Wave is specially made using the corneal “fingerprint.” Wave uses a unique video camera with tools to create a visual map of the cornea that contains millions of numbers. The doctor uses the chart details, including Wave’s special modeling tools, to make a personalized lens follow almost any small outline on your eye cornea.

For patients needing adjustment of close or distant vision, mixed reading, and distant vision, astigmatism, keratoconus, or post-surgical adjustments, the physicians are trained and certified to use Wave custom scleral lens technology.

Wave Designs are available

Single vision:
For distance vision before your mid-forties, although bifocals are typically used for close-up tasks such as reading.
Simultaneous distance or close vision without reading glasses has been referred to as bifocal vision. For optimum nearby both far vision output, the doctor changes the design to fit your pupil.
Wave creates a customized lens that mimics the shape of your astigmatism. That match becomes flawless. Other lenses take the path to “getting as soon as we can.”
Keratoconus and post-refractive:
Patients are the most difficult to treat and require Wave’s custom “fit the cornea” style philosophy.

The ultimate personalized contact lens designed and dispensed and provide custom scleral lens technology by dry eye care clinic. You need to consult the expert to provide you with feedback on whether to go it or not.