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What exactly is really a scleral lens, and why would it perform so well for so many different ocular conditions?

A scleral lens is indeed a vast diameter lens made from materials that allow a lot of oxygen to pass through it. It doesn’t change when you look at it. It isn’t a contact lens, mainly in a traditional context, so it doesn’t touch the cornea

What types of eye problems can scleral lenses help with?

Scleral lens seems to be the safest treatment for a variety of eye disorders and conditions. It’s essential to recognize that perhaps a scleral lens, once properly fitted, is both a clinical and even therapeutic device.  Lenses could be customized to match almost any eye type and vision impairment level while enabling the diseased or wounded eye to recover.

What sort of tools will assist in the processing phase?

It’s essential to keep in mind that every lens is designed specifically for each human eye. As a result, adjusting these lenses requires more expertise and time from the physician than fitting traditional RGP lenses or soft lenses.

What Happens during fitting?
  1. Digital Imaging
  2. Layout and measurement
  3. The lens is dispensed
  4. Instruction on how to clean, mount, and remove contact lenses
  5. Follow-up for adjustment