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Maintaining a good enough and consistent diet plays a vital role in having strong eye health. Scientists and researchers are working towards theories that prove this fact. Some of the long lists of issues that can be seen due to the lack of the right nutrients and food are

Who is affected?

We all need to take precautions and maintain a healthy diet, but specifically for the people of older age as their eye damage or complication may take a lot of time to heal and improve.  

What to eat?

Some of the things that would make you enhance your vision and eye health are

Vitamin E
For your eyes, Vitamin E products look after the cells in a person’s eyes by guarding them against radicals. These include Almonds, Peanuts, Mango, Spinach, and many more.
Vitamin C
The consumption of vitamin C products specifically prevents the causing of eye diseases like cataracts, along with visual loss. These nutrients include the likes of orange, grapefruit, strawberry, Papaya, and many others.
The products with Zinc play a part in transferring the Vitamins from the Liver to your eyes, which forms protection in the eyes. These products include red meat, oysters, seeds, and others.
Fruits and Vegetables
Almost all of the fruits and vegetables give you a chance to increase your antioxidant, which is a substance to fight against the unwanted elements, making your eyes healthier.
How to begin the journey:

Like the saying of Chinese goes, too much of something is bad. Similarly, even if you know the things that are good for your eye health, you cannot just consume everything. You need a plan to maintain your diet that would be provided by an expert. You will find many such individuals like that, either independently or in an eye clinic/center. An eye center is a safer option, as you understand that the person you are talking to is credible enough. Among many such centers, a dry eye specialty clinic is one of the best options you will find, with skilled individuals providing you with a plan.

Color blindness is a common phenomenon that is experienced by many people. Some of them are not aware that they are also experiencing a color vision deficiency. A color vision deficiency situation is where a person cannot tell the difference between shades and colors. In the most severe conditions of this situation, people are not able to see the colors at all.

Common Scenarios:
There are no fixed amounts of color vision loss that will be experienced by the person but some of the most common stages of vision loss are
Some of the potential causes under which the color vision deficiency kicks in is
Even though color vision loss is not talked about around our society as much as it should be, it remains an issue that impacts the day-to-day lives of many people. According to a survey, in the United States alone, over 300 million people face the issue of dealing with color vision loss. What this does to a person is that other than having physical effects, it can affect them psychologically as well. Imagine being in the shoes of a person who is color blind and not being able to recognize the colors around you. It prompts the person to think they are not important in society.
Color Vision Correction:
There is no sure shot cure for color vision deficiency. Having said that, there is a way to reduce it to a considerable level, making it easier for people to recognize the colors around them. This process of color vision correction treatment is available at the dry eye specialty clinic, under the supervision of experienced and skilled medical experts.