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RGP refers to Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are made of long-lasting plastics that permit oxygen to reach through lens.

Being used to RGP lenses

So, why aren’t lenses worn by everyone? Since soft lenses are immediately relaxed, whereas GP lenses take a time of tolerance before being as relaxed like soft contacts.

RGP lenses have a lot of advantages

RGP contact lenses have several advantages than soft lenses. With one thing, since RGP lenses are crafted of strong plastic fibre, they keep their form whenever you blink, resulting in clearer vision than any soft lenses.

These lenses are often very long-lasting. They can be broken (for example, if you walk on them), but unlike soft lenses, they cannot be easily torn.

The RGP has a minimal number of connections. They’re made of a tough, long-lasting material that doesn’t hold water although soft contacts do. They are marginally more expensive per eye, but they last much better and longer as compared to soft lenses.

RGP contacts have a lot of benefits

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