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Like other refractive errors, myopia can interfere with your quality of life. Whether you have trouble seeing faraway objects on the road or your kids struggle to read the blackboard in school, you need to find a myopia management strategy that works. 

Here at Dry Eye & Specialty Center, our optometry team can offer a range of vision correction and myopia control options for patients throughout Sugar Land, TX.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a condition in which distant objects appear blurry even though nearer objects appear perfectly clear. It is usually caused by an elongated eyeball shape. when the eye is not perfectly spherical, incoming light does not come into focus in the right place, directly on the retina. An elongated eyeball will bring images into focus in front of the retina instead, which produces the characteristic blurred distance vision of myopia.

While myopia is an extremely common condition, you should still take it seriously. the inability to see distant objects clearly can place you or your loved ones in harm’s way. Untreated myopia can progress to the point that it elevates risks for other eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment.

Signs and Diagnosis

Our optometry center can easily diagnose a suspected case of myopia. Our comprehensive eye and vision exams include refractive testing (to see exactly how your eye handles incoming light) and vision testing using a standard eye chart (which can reveal your inability to see “distant” text clearly, as simulated by progressively tinier fonts on the chart). Using an instrument called a phoropter, we can then measure your vision correction needs precisely.

Myopia Control and Correction

The most common approach to myopia management involves the use of prescription lenses. eyeglasses and contact lenses can both do a good job of eliminating the visual distortion caused by myopia and other refractive errors. But for children who are still in the process of developing myopia, orthokeratology lenses can actually offer long-term myopia control. These special contact lenses are designed to “mold” the corneas into a new and improved shape overnight, during sleep. In adults, this permits clear daytime vision without any need for corrective lenses. In children, however, it can actually reduce the progress of myopia during this crucial growing phase. Eye drops containing a drug called atropine can also reduce myopia progression in children.

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