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IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is a treatment for evaporative dry eye related to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and ocular rosacea.

Closing down of abnormal blood vessels: ocular rosacea is a common cause of MGD. Here, dilated (widened) abnormal blood vessels develop around the eyelid and eyelid margin. These vessels release chemicals that induce inflammation of the meibomian glands which cause blockages and eventual destruction of the glands. The energy from the intense pulse of light destroys these abnormal vessels, as a result, the source of inflammation is removed. IPL changes the cells within the glands: It has been proposed that IPL may change the cells that produce oil with the gland to prevent them from clogging up.

IPL increases collagen production, therefore, improving the structure of the eyelids.

IPL eradicates Demodex: IPL energy is absorbed by the Demodex mite causing its destruction. Demodex is often found in MGD and is thought to be a cause of MGD. IPL is thought to suppress proteins responsible for inflammation.