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EyePrintPro seems to be a modern scleral lens tech that provides a 3-D image of the whole ocular surface’s exact curvatures. An accurate fit of each human cornea, including the sclera, is obtained using 3D imaging as well as instrumentation systems.

The EyePrintPRO is indeed an artificial scleral shell that may help people with keratoconus, abnormal nearsightedness, ocular surface disorder (dry eye), injuries, acute cases with deformed eyes, severe burns, or just want clearer vision & convenience.

This one-of-a-kind system creates a personalized perception of your eye for patients who have failed to achieve optimum vision and relaxation and patients with more complicated diseases. The eye impressions provide an utterly personalized match for every patient, ensuring the most delicate vision and relaxation.

EyePrint Professional few step procedure that can produce life-altering outcomes.

You can always consult our experts at the dry eye specialty center and make sure you are at the right place