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The eyes are kept moist subconsciously, thanks to the presence of tears. Every few seconds, a film of tear is spread over the eye surface, keeping it moist and free of harmful bacteria. The absence of this constant film is what leads to dry eye syndrome, an uncomfortable experience that affects approximately 4.88 million Americans. Dry eye treatment is sought after mostly by the older population in Sugar Land, TX. However, the condition is not only limited to old age nowadays. At Dry Eye and Specialty Center, we have seen just how varied the population in need of dry eye treatment is.

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Usually, tears are made up of oil, mucus, and water components in well balanced ratios. The tears are also produced and drained away at a constant rate in normally functioning eyes. Dry eye syndrome is the result of poor quality tears or inadequate production of tears. The improper functioning of the meibomian glands is the main reason behind the need for dry eye treatment. However, numerous other factors increase one’s risk of dry eye syndrome. 

Here are the most common causes of dry eye syndrome:

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Eye exams in a certified optometry clinic are essential in alleviating most eye problems, including dry eye treatment. The doctors are often the only ones able to diagnose and treat dry eyes properly. 

Eye exams are also opportunities to get the right medication to treat dry eye syndrome. The most common prescription for dry eye syndrome is the use of artificial tears or behavior change.

Regular eye exams also provide an avenue through which the occurrence of dry eye syndrome can be mediated. There are numerous signs that experienced professionals know to look out for that could increase the risk of dry eye syndrome.

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