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Corneal Membrane Therapy

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PROKERA has become medical assistance used by optometrists worldwide to secure, restore, and facilitate the recovery of affected eye surfaces. PROKERA is created by trimming a fragment with amniotic membrane tissues into two transparent, flexible rings.

Prokera has become an innovative treatment choice for people who suffer from extremely dry eyes.


Aids in the healing of the eye:

PROKERA contains amniotic membrane material tissue, which has natural medicinal properties that aid in the healing of affected eye surfaces. PROKERA-treated eyes heal more quickly, have minor discomfort, scarring, and swelling. The tissue contains repairing properties that help in the reconstruction of its ocular surface.

PROKERA is used to treat a variety of conditions.

Dry eye, corneal scarring, severe burns, corneal deficiencies, and several ocular surface disorders of inflammation are treated with PROKERA.

Is there something unusual I can do when PROKERA is placed?

Follow the eye doctor’s instructions for using eye drops as well as other prescriptions.

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