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Antioxidants have been an ally of people in their fight against the radicals in the body. These particles cause various biological complications like aging skin, heart diseases, macular degeneration, DNA scrambling, and much more.
From being a purely dermatological complication, it has been discovered that these radicals in the body can affect your retina in a negative way. This may lead to various eye diseases and complications. What your body needs is a large number of antioxidants, which it can release in the fight against these radicals.
For making sure you win this fight against the radicals in your body, you need to have your antioxidants scanned and make sure they are in a good enough number. You can have it done from any usual hospital but since it has a direct connection with improving your retina, you can have it done from a decent eye hospital that has the antioxidant scanner.

When to have tested:

Knowing that the Antioxidant is getting low is not really something you can feel. However, there are some scenarios and habits due to which there is a chance that the antioxidants in your body will be decreased. These include  
These are just a few indications that would serve as a notification for you to have the Antioxidant scanned in your body.
Asking the experts:If you think you have a lack of antioxidants in your body, don’t waste any time and seek the advice of expert doctors of the concerned field. You are can book an appointment at the dry eye specialist center for knowing the antioxidant you have in your body and what can be done to further improve your health.